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Magic type: Lightning

Att.: Sword

Tech/Magic Att.s:
~Cyclone: Crono spins and hits multiple enemies in a circle pattern.
~Slash: Crono sends a slash directly at enemies with his sword.
~Lightning: A bolt of lightning strikes an enemy.
~Spincut: Crono leaps into the air and slices an enemy, causing twice the damage.
~Lightning 2: All enemies on screen are hit by this shocking magic att.
~Life: Revive a player who has fallen in battle.
~Confuse: Crono hits the selected enemy with his sword 4 times in a row.
~Luminare: The ultimate lightning att that hits every baddie on screen.


Magic type: Water

Att.: Cross bow

Tech/Magic Att.s:
~Aura: Partially restore another characters HP.
~Provoke: Taunt and confuse enemies, making them weaker.
~Ice: Marle flings a block of ice at opponents.
~Cure: Almost completely restore allie's HP
~Haste: Marle speeds up the battle gauge of one of her comrades.
~Ice 2: Marle launches a huge block of ice, damaging all enemies.
~Cure 2: Completly restores allie's HP.
~Life 2: Revive and completly restore another characters life.


Magic Type: Fire

Att.: Gun/Hammer

Tech/Magic Att.s:
~Flame toss: All enemies standing in the path of this Tech att. are damaged.
~Hypno wave: Lucca sends out an att. that puts opponents to sleep.
~Fire: A burst of fire shoots out with this magic att.
~Napalm: This att. fries any one in the vicinty of it's explosion.
~Protect: Increases allie's defense.
~Fire 2: The heat of this att. hits all enemies.
~Mega bomb: Hits multiple enemies with an exposion.
~Flare: A particularily strong fire att. that roasts any threats.


Magic type: Water

Att.: Blade

Tech/Magic Att.s:
~Slurp: Frog partially restores a character's HP with a slurp.
~Slurp cut: Frog pulls an enemy closer with his tongue then slices away at them.
~Water: A bubble of water flies towards opponents.
~Heal: Restores more of friend's HP.
~Leap slash: Frog leaps towards enemies and slashes them.
~Water 2: A wave of water damages all enemies.
~Cure 2: Restores all of allie's HP.
~Frog squash: An att. that becomes more deadly when Frog's Hp is low.


Magic type: Nothing

Att.: Fist

Tech Att.s:
~Kiss: Restores allie's status and some HP.
~Rollo Kick: Ayla perfomes a powerful jump kick on one opponent.
~Cat attack: Ayla mimics a cat as she scratches and bite enemies.
~Rock throw: Throw an enemy into the air and wacth it crash to the ground.
~Charm: Stuns enemies as you steal an item from them.
~Tail spin: Ayla becomes a human tornado and strikes multiple opponents.
~Dino tail: The lower Ayla's HP the more damage this tail from a dino does.
~Triple kick: Similar to Crono's Confuse, Ayla hits enemies three times.


Magic type: Shadow (he doesn't use magic, but spekio says his att.s are similar to shadow).

Att.: Punch

Tech att.s:
~Rocket punch: Robo sends his fist flying at an enemy.
~Cure beam: Partially restore allie's HP.
~Laser spin: Robo's high powered laser beams hit multiple targets.
~Robo tackle: Hit an enemy with a powerful tackle.
~Heal beam: Restores some of all character's HP.
~Uzi punch: Robo hits opponents with multiple punches.
~Area bomb: All enemies close to Robo will be affected by the bomb's blast.
~Shock: Robo emmits a powerful plasma blast that hits all opponents.


Magic type: Shadow

Att.: Scythe

Tech/Magic att.s:
~Lightning 2: Same as Crono's.
~Ice 2: Same as Marle's.
~Fire 2: Same as Lucca's.
~Dark bomb: A blast of darkness that affects enemies in a selected area.
~Magic wall: Protects against att.s.
~Dark mist: All opponents are damaged by this cloud of darknes.
~Black hole: When used some enemies just disapear.
~Dark matter: The ultimate Shadow magic att. that affects all opponents.